Polish Bicycle InDUSTRY Association

Polish Bicycle Industry Association

Since 2009 the Polish Bicycle Association is an organization bringing together representatives of Polish manufacturers and importers of bicycles and bicycle parts, representatives of wholesalers and shops, industry media, and other institutions. PBA contributes to industry growth in Poland and reinforces Poland’s position as the fourth largest bicycle manufacturer in the EU. Currently, over 1 million bicycles a year are manufactured in Poland! The Association’s activities are aimed at stimulating the development of the bicycle market, lobbying, and conducting coherent marketing. PBA works to popularize bicycles as healthy, safe, and ecological means of transport as well as promotes all cycling-related sports. Campaign for subsidising the purchase of traditional and electric bicycles counts among PBA’s most significant projects. Subsidies should make bicycles more accessible – just like in the case of electric cars. That’s why our experts are actively involved in the process of including electric bicycles in relevant regulations. Over 70% of Poles ride bikes. We cycle in the mountains and at the seaside, in Poland and abroad; recreationally, for training purposes or just for fun. More and more often we ride our bikes every day – commuting to work or going shopping, we’re always on the lookout for new trails. 25% of us cycle all year round, regardless of weather conditions. Cycling infrastructure in Poland improves every year. Unfortunately, new bicycle paths are an afterthought, while road traffic safety remains the subject of one-off projects. The Polish Bicycle Association works tirelessly to improve safety and develop cycling infrastructure in Poland. We connect bicycle industry business!

Members of the Association