Polish Bicycle Association, founded in December 2009, is an organization uniting participants of bicycle industry.
Members of the Association are representatives of Polish manufacturers, importers of bicycles and bicycle parts, wholesalers and bike shops, as well as trade media.
Our objective is to stimulate the development of broadly understood Polish bicycle market. We are co-organizers of bicycle fairs BIKE-EXPO in Kielce as well as many thematic conferences, we also initiate changes to the rules relating to bicycle rental. We issue opinions on normative acts on bicycle technology. We cooperate with the OCCP and PIH. We are a member of the Technical Committee of the Polish Committee for Standardization.
Polish Bicycle Association is also a member of CONEBI - Confederation of European Bicycle Industries.
The successes of Polish Cycling Association are:
- The revival of Polish bicycle market, increased sales of bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories.
- Media coverage of bikes and bike trend. It was thanks to, among others, Polish Bicycle Association that the bicycle became an important element of decoration and advertising.
- The Association has become an important source of information and inspiration for the Media in terms of cycling issues (security, statistics, development of infrastructure, comparison with other countries.)
- The improvement in bike sales culture, spread of good sales patterns (including training sessions during international bicycle fairs Kielce Bike-Expo)
- Circular and uniform tests of the bicycle market, both in the B2B and B2C sector.
- Active participation in the extension and introduction of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties. These duties and procedures protect European producers and importers against unfair trade practices of foreign manufacturers and retailers of bicycles and certain components.
- Establishing cooperation with OCCP and control bodies of PIH in the bicycle industry.
- Appointment of Expert Group of the Polish Bicycle Association.
- Acquisition of membership on the Technical Committee of the Polish Committee for Standardization, which gives us the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of technical standards and their interpretation.
- Development of official Polish bicycle market and attempts to address importing used bicycles to Poland (representing poor technical condition) and trafficking of stolen bicycles.
- Gaining access to statistics and trade laws in other European countries and promoting them among Polish participants of the bicycle market.
For more information please, contact: biuro@psronline.pl.